Friday, September 21, 2012

BUBBA'S PLACE. Lots of people know me by this name. Why Bubba?  I got this name on a Senior Adult Trip to Gattlinberg/Pigeon Forge in 1998.  It stuck.  I look like a Bubba, I have been told. I am from the South, so I sound like a Bubba. So, Bubba's Place. 
This is my first posting of many to come, I hope. I want to be available help in any way I can, anyone who wants to walk with Jesus. I will offer Ideas and opinions from time to time.

Latest News:  I am looking for some folks who would be interested in an Henry Blackaby study called, "Created to Be God's Friend."  It is a daily lesson for 5 days a week, and then we would have a weekly session together to discuss what we have learned. i have done many of these studies in the past and they have been well recieved, and those who have participated have been blessed. We will begin in about 3 weeks. Interested, call me at 513-549-9209 or email at

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