Saturday, September 22, 2012

 Joe Veal and I have been praying, for some time, about implementing a whole new approach to the local church.  Of course we are not going to change the message (the Gospel) and we are not going to change instructions manuals (the inerrant, infallible, inspired, completely trustworthy, Word of God).  But we are going to try a different approach.
What is the most well known business in nearly every community in America?  Biggest retailer in America! Wal-Mart.  What do we know about Walmart?
1) Everyone in town knows where it is
2) Everyone in town comes to it 2 or 3 time a week
3) Everyone talks about the bargains they got while they were there
4) Everyone talks about the friends and family they ran in to
5) Everyone talks about going back next week and seeing what they can find and who they can see
6) Everyone in town can tell you how to get there
Well what if we did church like that?
 1) Everyone in town knows where it is! Why?  Because there is something happening that is bringing glory to God.
 2) Everyone in town comes to it at least once a week.  If the church functions the way God intends it to function, everyone in town is going to want to come!  Why?  God's word is alive and proclaimed, people's lives are radically changed through the power of the gospel.,  and God's mission is being carried out on a local, national and international basis.
 3) Everyone talks about the bargains they got while they were there.  Sins forgiven, Souls set free, Powerful worship, Glorious fellowship with other believers. All bought by the shed blood of Jesus
 4) Everyone talks about Friends and Family they saw while they were there..   There is no fellowship like the Family of Faith when they are on the same page, functioning as the Body of Christ.
 5) Everyone talks about going back next week.  There will be a powerful message, wonderful worship, and the best fellowship this side of Heaven each week.  You will be challenged to walk with Jesus, lift up His name, take His message to the world, and live in the power of the Spirit of God
6) Everyone in town can tell you who to get there.  It is our intention that everyone who comes to this church will a) know where they stand with Jesus b) know how to be filled with the Spirit of God c) know what God has gifted them to do d) are functioning in that giftedness in the body of Christ.
We are praying that God give us the facility that we need to do this church.  There will be several business in the facility.  The proceeds from these businesses will finance the functioning of the church. Pay salaries, light bills, rent, etc.  There will be multiple full time staff members that are functioning in their area of ministry.  Our whole purpose will be to Glorify God and advance His kingdom and kingdom purposes.
Stay tuned there will be more coming soon!

Friday, September 21, 2012

BUBBA'S PLACE. Lots of people know me by this name. Why Bubba?  I got this name on a Senior Adult Trip to Gattlinberg/Pigeon Forge in 1998.  It stuck.  I look like a Bubba, I have been told. I am from the South, so I sound like a Bubba. So, Bubba's Place. 
This is my first posting of many to come, I hope. I want to be available help in any way I can, anyone who wants to walk with Jesus. I will offer Ideas and opinions from time to time.

Latest News:  I am looking for some folks who would be interested in an Henry Blackaby study called, "Created to Be God's Friend."  It is a daily lesson for 5 days a week, and then we would have a weekly session together to discuss what we have learned. i have done many of these studies in the past and they have been well recieved, and those who have participated have been blessed. We will begin in about 3 weeks. Interested, call me at 513-549-9209 or email at